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| Drippin’ Dopeness | Here |

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it’s official TDB MOUSTACHE GUARD MUGS are coming! 
they’re handmade from start to finish by a wonderfully bearded man and now available for pre order.  Since the mugs are being handmade they will available in batches as they become ready.  what that means is the sooner you order the sooner you’ll get your mug.  we expect to have the first batch of mugs to be done in 2 weeks, the rest following shortly after. 

during pre order you can have your mug customized to feature your name, someone else’s name or whatever you want inside the rim. 

the mugs themselves are sturdy and well crafted.  keeping your stache dry and out of your drink.  measuring about 3” x 3” x 4” (not including handle) holding up to 10oz. 

what are you waiting for order yours!


Double Monkstrap Men Dress Shoes


Double Monkstrap Men Dress Shoes

"Try not to feel jealous about things, or people or places. It’s toxic. Just keep living. You will find your happiness."

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move on


move on

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Bible Outfit 14 “streetgoth”

Enfin Leve Gogorra jacket.
Represent Clo oversized black crewneck sweater.
Adyn oversized black zip tee.
Au Courant Paris soft cotton blend kilt.
Elgvncy Pvris black zip jogger.
Rick Owens panelled leather high tops.

Find out where to buy all these bible outfits in the Streetfashion Bible! Use this link:



Outfit: Men’s Moto Jacket

All Star

This outfit basically combines three of my favorite things to wear for fall - leather, plaid, and sweats. And rather than going for traditional versions of these staples, I opted for ones that all had a little bit of a twist to them. This leather moto features mixed fabrics with the wool body and leather sleeves which I really liked. For the shirt, a traditional buffalo plaid gets a fresh update with an all-over star print which I thought was really fun. The sweatpants are not just any pair of black sweats. They’re cut super slim and feature nice details like the red silk lining in the pockets and the zippers at the hem. Sometimes mixing some unconventional pieces into your wardrobe is the perfect way to stand apart and showcase your personal style.


Jacket c/o Kenneth Cole (Similar)  //  Shirt c/o ASOS  //  Sweatpants c/o Hip And Bone (Similar)  //  Shoes c/o Tsubo  //  Eyeglasses c/o John Ruvin

Original Photos by Xtina


Edmond, Oklahoma